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Leading healthcare medical supplier, DP Medical Systems, has announced plans to shift its attention in the dental magnification market to focus on the latest microscope technology.


Douglas Pitman, managing director of DP Medical Systems, said: “The dental microscope market has been developing fast over the last few years and we are proud to have been on that journey as suppliers of the new Global A series microscopewhich we feel represents the very latest in dental microscope technology.


“Throughout this time, we have also provided quality loupes and lights to thousands of dentists. However, it has become clear that the need for advanced systems such as Global microscopes is now superseding the more basic forms of magnification and, therefore, we have taken thDouglas Pitman - DP Medicale decision to no longer provide loupes as part of our product range.


“We appreciate this may be disappointing news for some of our loyal customers but the advancement of microscopes with their enhanced design, affordability, first class quality and the service and support available, has been widely accepted by dental leaders both here in the UK and internationally.


“Along with other experts in the field, we consider the Global A series to be the natural choice moving forward. With improved diagnosis, treatment and predictability, the microscope offers far superior magnification and significantly enhances operator posture. We strongly believe that this is where the future of advanced dentistry magnification now lies and, as such, Darren Young, our UK dental business manager, and his team will be spearheading our activity in this area. Darren has over 12 years’ experience and brings a wealth of specialist knowledge and expertise in this developing market.”


Jeff Metcalf, international sales manager at Global Surgical Corporation (GSC), said: “Dentists are increasingly opting to use higher magnification to diagnose and treat their patients. This global trend can be traced to greater awareness of the numerous benefits of the microscope and, as a leading dental microscope manufacturer, we have witnessed this change first hand.


“International demand for dental operating microscopes is fuelling the continued growth of GSC and this success can be attributed to our steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction and the uncompromising quality of the products. We have formed partnerships with local distributors all over the world, such as DP Medical in the UK, to maintain a close connection with customers. DP Medical’s outstanding work has propelled GSC to the number one selling dental operating microscope in the UK and we are looking forward to an exciting future together.”


Dr Julian Webber BDS MS, specialist endodontist from the Harley Street Centre for Endodontics in London, said: “The dental operating microscope and the enhanced magnification it offers, represents probably the single greatest advantage in clinical endodontics in the last 25 years. As a dedicated user of Global Microscopes I have reached the conclusion that in the changing world of dentistry, all specialities would benefit from this technology and the improvements it will bring to surgical restorative and periodontal outcomes for the benefit of all our patients.”


Surgitel will continue to supply Loupes to UK customers through a new distributor.


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