Flip up loupes (FLM)

Surgitel flip up loupes are the most dynamic choice of loupes on the market. They offer fantastic magnification but also give you a far better posture compared to other flip up and through the lens loupes available.
Why flip up loupes?
An unbeatable aid to posture control
Due to Surgitel’s vertical slide you can create comfortable declination angle far greater than any TTL framed loupes available. You can expect to gain at least 100% more declination verses TTLs. Thus dramatically improving your posture everyday of your remaining working life.

Not just for magnification
Not only can you work with the magnification but you can also work without it. If you feel the need to finish your procedure without magnification you can simply flip the loupes up to continue. Using the Surgitel “paddle” (an auto-clavable adaptor that simply attaches to your loupes to move them up and down is an aseptic manner) you can now use the Oakley eyewear as a protective barrier against flying debris.. To do this with TTL loupes you would have to remove them completely and put a pair of protective glasses on causing cross contamination complications.

Eye contact
As the loupes themselves rest on the lower part of the frame lenses this enables clear and easy vision over the loupes enabling you to keep eye contact with your nurse, patients and surgical environment.

As the FLM loupes are completely adjustable you can adapt them to any requirement you may have. You can reduce the amount of declination for different consultations.

There are two types of optics that Surgitel provide depending on your magnification needs:

  • For the lower magnification (2.0-3.0) Galilean loupes give the best balance between optical clarity, focal range, width of field and weight.
  • For higher magnification (3.0-8.0) prismatic lenses are required. These are a more complex group of lenses required to deliver higher magnification and a further enhanced image.

Flip up Magnification available:

  • 2.5 Galilean
  • 3.0 Galilean
  • 3.0 Prismatic
  • 3.5 Prismatic
  • 4.5 Prismatic
  • 5.5 Prismatic
  • 6.5 Prismatic
  • 8.0 Prismatic
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