XION devices provide innovative and convenient technology for optimal diagnostics and therapeutics. The new digital device generation enables the processing and archiving of picture, video and many diverse digital data, being constantly updatable.

XION’s swallowing diagnostics systems do justice to very diverse areas of application. From bedside examinations with the mobile EndoPORTABLE or the easily manoeuvrable EndoCOMPACT to the versatile EndoSTROB and all the way to video fluoroscopic analysis with the MATRIX data station.

No matter where the diagnosis is performed in the hospital – our system ensures the centralized storage of data so that it can be accessed and shared by the right offices. The multifunctional system optimizes workflow and facilitates uniform and efficient analysis of findings, documentation and reporting.

Lightweight, highly performant and featuring an abundant service life – the EndoPORTABLE is perfect for mobile applications. Together with the video nasopharyngoscope, it is quickly there where the patient needs it. The DiVAS software ensures easy handling and documentation.

XION’s ergonomic video nasopharyngoscope not only fits better in the user’s hand, but makes the examination easier for all involved. With an integrated camera and light source in its handle, it is easy to use and transport; with a tube diameter of only 3.5 mm, the examination is less stressful for the patient.

The EndoCOMPACT is a mobile endoscopy unit for ENT. It can serve as a standalone or it can be integrated into the existing office facilities. Easily manoeuvrable, the EndoCOMPACT is ideal for swallowing diagnostics applications anywhere in the hospital.

The EndoCOMPACT merges all the endoscopic devices needed for daily ENT routine into a user-friendly complete system. When a device is taken from its holder, it is automatically activated; when it is returned, the system performs a playback. The buttons on the handle provide easy control.

In addition to dysphagia screening and stroboscopy, the EndoSTROB system also supports all other endoscopic applications. The uninterruptible power supply ensures a high degree of mobility, while the DiVAS software facilitates live broadcasts, HIS and PACS integration, and ease of use.

The EndoSTROB system is extremely user-friendly: The location of the buttons in the handle is ergonomically ideal, and the reduction to a single cable also facilitates easy handling. XION’s patented light intensity control excludes burns.

The intuitive user guidance of DiVAS software adapts to your workflow and makes reports clear and comparable. Together with the automatic plausibility checks, much time for diagnostic analysis and administration is saved.

Product demonstrations and evaluations are available – to book these please complete our ‘Contact us’ form or email sales@dpmedicalsys.com

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