Surgitel Loupes

Surgitel loupes and accessories are focused on providing high performance 100% of the time. Combining class leading optics with a choice of Oakley and Surgitel frame.
Why choose Surgitel loupes?
Picture perfect, posture perfect
When using our Surgitel loupes and with advice from our sales team, we can improve both optical clarity and posture everyday of your working life.

Dental and surgical loupes posture best practice

Industry leading optics
This means that Surgitel loupes supply outstanding depth of focus combined with width of field. This enables you to see everything you want at varying distances from the target depending on magnification.

100% Made in America.
No components of our loupes are made anywhere but the United States. This means that we offer a first class warranty.

Oakley and Surgitel Frames
If you wish to opt for a standard frame we can supply you with Surgitel’s ergonomically designed aero frame. These frames are constructed completely of titanium to ensure they offer you the performance you require in practice. We also offer a selection of handpicked Oakley frames.

Oakley needs no introduction as they are world renowned by all extreme sportsmen. Oakley frames offer a huge level of protection with their wrap around lenses; they also remove pressure from your nose and spread it more comfortably over your ears increasing wearer comfort.

Both ‘Through the lens’ and ‘Flip-up’ loupes have their benefits. We can supply both. It is highly recommended that you have a consultation from a member of our team to ensure you get the loupes that perfectly suit your own individual requirements.

Flip up loupes (FLM)

Surgitel flip up loupes are the most dynamic choice of loupes on the market. They offer fantastic magnification but also give you a far better posture compared to other flip up and through the lens loupes available.

Through the lens loupes (TTL)

TTL loupes are a very personal purchase as they are measured and manufactured to your own personal details. Using a mixture of measurements, including inter-pupilary distance (IPD) and working distance, these loupes are manufactured using exact laser alignment. This ensures they are perfectly set up for the user. All with the aim of giving you the best posture possible in the TTL class.


Surgitel has put equal importance on all of their lights, HD video cameras and accessories as they do with their magnification. They believe all the components you use whilst practicing need to be of equal quality to ensure you are equipped to offer the best for your patients.
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