KAPS SOM Colposcope


Kaps Stereo-Colposcopes combine excellent apochromatic optics and brilliant illumination with easy, precise positioning to give outstanding performance. The modular system allows additional accessories to be simply introduced whenever required. The ergonomic design of our Colposcopes provides the user with precise, fatigue-free working and brilliant, three-dimensional images at a large depth of focus. High diagnostic success rates are therefore easily achievable.

The colposcope is a vital instrument for successful diagnosis and therapy. With our SOM series of colposcopes the user can comfortably meet the requirements of routine daily gynaecological examinations. The SOM 52 adapts easily to any room situation because of its stable and manoeuvrable mobile stand.

It is also easy to transport between different rooms in the building, thus expanding its potential for use. Our colposcopes can be tailored to meet individual requirements, using the options available for straight or inclinable oculars, inter-changeable objective lenses, three or five step magnification or zoom.

The colposcopes can also be fitted with a secondary observation system, 35mm or digital camera, video system or endoscope camera, and can also be easily adapted to accommodate a laser system. Motorised zoom and focusing options are available on request.

In choosing a Kaps colposcope you select an instrument that is unique in its adaptability and value for money.

Integrated Video Camera – Vision
¼” CCD colour video camera, Y/C (S-VHS), FBAS (composite), 725 (H) x 582 (V) PAL
Endoscopy Adaptor
Fast and simple inter-changeability of magnification changer and binocular tube
Photo/Video Documentation
Beam splitter, one-sided or both-sided, TV-tube for connection to C-mount, colour-video camera, C-mount digital camera adaptor to connect a digital photo camera, phototube to connect a 35 mm SLR camera with T2 adaptor
Second Observer Attachments
Second observer, monocular or binocular
Second observer, monocular or binocular
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