Micronomic Range

The budget friendly Micronomic range is a mobile treatment unit designed to accommodate the maximum number of integrated functions required. Each hand piece is equipped with an infra-red sensor which automatically triggers the integrated functions. The unit contains storage draws & shelves for instruments, optimising every possible space. The Micronomic range is the perfect unit for an ENT consulting room with limited space or a multi-disciplined room that needs a mobile unit.

Micronomic 50

Standard integrated functions:

  • Fibre optic light source
  • Small optics head allows unobstructed vision
  • Suction system with disposable secretion liner
  • Storage trays & racks

A microscope can be mounted to the units & even a display screen can be fitted.

Please contact us, or refer to the marketing for a full list of optional integrated functions.

Micronomic Plus

The Micronomic Plus is a storage unit particularly suitable for use as an extension to the Micronomic 50. It can be incorporated in a variety of methods and comprises of:

  • Integrated pull out instrument tray
  • 5 large storage drawers with dividers & trays
  • Unit lighting

Micronomic Range Data Sheet:

Micronomic 50 and Combi ENT front















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