Putting MediScan in the spotlight

Back in 2009 DP Medical saw the potential of a new Australian gynaecological product and believed it could make a real difference to patient care here in the UK.   A decision was taken to invest in the cutting-edge technology, called Read more

High Definition ENT channelled videoscopes launched in the UK

High Definition ENT channelled videoscopes launched in the UK   DP Medical has launched XION Medical’s innovative new range of channelled videoscopes for the Spectar camera series to the UK market.   The Spectar camera series is an adaptive endoscopic imaging camera system Read more

New year reflections

As the new year gets underway, Rob Atkinson, managing director of DP Medical, takes a moment to reflect on the last 12 months and look ahead at what’s to come for the company.   It’s fair to say nobody could have Read more

Finding ways to adapt

It has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone up and down the country as we all try and find ways of coping with the sudden changes we are experiencing in our personal and working lives. It’s been no Read more


During these unprecedented times, we would like to take this opportunity to reassure our customers and partners that we are still open for business.   We continue to closely monitor developments surrounding COVID-19 in order to follow Government advice and have Read more

Putting MediScan in the spotlight

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Back in 2009 DP Medical saw the potential of a new Australian gynaecological product and believed it could make a real difference to patient care here in the UK.


A decision was taken to invest in the cutting-edge technology, called ‘MediScan’, in the hope of being able to develop its capability and offering further. Twelve years later, more than 300 MediScan units have been sold, not only across the UK but also in Europe, Africa and the UAE.


Here, Owen Pemberton, commercial director at DP Medical, takes a look at the MediScan story so far and DP Medical’s exciting plans for the system in the future.


MediScan started its life in Australia under a different name and with the aim of replacing traditional smear tests used to diagnose cervical conditions. Under the guidance of Professor Albert Singer, a globally recognised pioneer of colposcopy in the UK, it evolved into MediScan where its promise was spotted by us here at DP Medical and we bought it in 2009.


Since then, and with a lot of hard work focussed on the knowledge and expertise our team has in the gynaecological market, MediScan has developed into the essential workstation for every gynaecology practitioner.




The system, available in HD format, now provides clinicians with a safe and secure pathway for recording, storing and encrypting patient gynaecology examinations for analysis and archiving.


It offers a compact standalone solution for true video and still images that are captured in real-time and stored against the patient record for retrieval anywhere across a clinical setting. The Video Colposcope element is an advanced high resolution video camera with integrated high intensity LED illumination.

With a simple-to-operate user interface, including touch screen technology and a question-and-answer based approach to data entry, installations are tailored to suit the needs of the clinic, from a single standalone software license through to a fully networked, integrated theatre and outpatient solution.


These elements have been developed by our in-house software team adapting to the needs of our customers so we are offering a product that no one else can with service and maintenance levels that are also second to none.

Customer base


Over the years, we have installed MediScan units in many hospitals throughout the UK, including both the Royal Free and The Whittington Hospital in London.


It is also now used in over half of the main coloscopy centres in Ireland by the Irish National Cervical Screening Service and, following a recent contract renewal, every coloscopy unit in Wales has a MediScan through the Cervical Screening Wales programme.

In recent times, MediScan has also begun to play an important part in the services provided for adults and children who have experienced rape, sexual assault or gender-based violence, including victims of historic sexual abuse.


The equipment allows staff to record, store and encrypt forensic medical examinations for analysis, archiving and legal purposes, and so has become an essential tool in helping staff provide the best possible care for the people who need their support.


The system is used for this purpose in locations such as the St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre in Manchester and, working alongside the Scottish Government, in 16 centres across Scotland – including the recently opened Forth Valley facility – a blueprint for Health Boards across Scotland, operated by the NHS in partnership with Police Scotland and the voluntary sector.


It’s a real achievement for everyone involved to see MediScan up and running in these areas, after many months of hard work, as it means this innovative technology is being used where it is needed and making a real difference.


Overseas market


The traction for MediScan has continued to grow as we have looked to introduce it further afield and into the international market.


MediScan was selected by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in both Cairo and Alexandria in order to further develop Egypt’s ability to record and document sexual assault and abuse. Similarly, it has also been installed in RAK Police GHQ, Ras Al Khaimah to help officials in the UAE.


We have also joined forces with Atmos France to take the product over the channel and, to aid this process, the system has been translated and now benefits from a French language data set option.


Hopital Nord in Marseille was one of the first French hospitals to have the system installed. There, we worked closely with Prof Xavier Carcopino, who was really impressed by MediScan’s ability to be adapted in order to meet the needs of individual clinicians, as well as its performance and how it helped him to get a real understanding of a patient’s problem so he could decide on the best treatment plan.

MediScan now benefits around 100-150 of Prof Carcopino’s patients a month.


The future


As the owner and lead developer of MediScan, the specialist support we at DP Medical can offer to our customers gives us a great advantage, as we can continue to be flexible and enhance the product based on real time feedback.


Its reliability and uncompromised performance, as well as around-the-clock support from the DP Medical software and servicing team, has reinforced MediScan’s reputation as a market leader and its compatibility with the latest Microsoft technology future-proofs it, moving forward.


Looking ahead, we want to continue to improve the MediScan interface and keep the technology at the forefront of the marketplace, cementing our presence in the UK but also developing international sales – both direct to customers and also, through partners.

MediScan has enjoyed a large market share within the UK and Ireland for the purpose of clinical and forensic requirements so it is really promising for us to see there are other opportunities for us to continue with our growth plans and share the clear clinical benefits of MediScan across the globe.


New year reflections

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As the new year gets underway, Rob Atkinson, managing director of DP Medical, takes a moment to reflect on the last 12 months and look ahead at what’s to come for the company.


It’s fair to say nobody could have expected the events of 2020. There is no disputing it was one of the most challenging years in living memory and, as the coronavirus pandemic continues, it is important to acknowledge the incredible amount of work our friends and colleagues across the NHS and the wider healthcare industry have been doing to help the nation get through this difficult time.


For us at DP Medical, it has been a unique year to date and I’m proud to say the DP team has really pulled together to ride out the challenges that have come our way.


We ended 2020 as our best year yet, with record turnover and a number of landmark installations under our belts, as well as extensive growth within our service division, too.


Our presence in the speech and language market continued to grow as we asserted our position as a leader in the supply of ENT equipment and devices and, as we move into 2021, we look forward to growing in this area even more.


As the exclusive British suppliers of the Heinemann Treatment Unit, we saw strong levels of interest for the units during 2020, as well as our renowned XION kits, completing installations of both at sites including the newly opened OneWelbeck Hospital, London, and Nobles Hospital on the Isle of Man.


The year also saw us achieve fantastic growth in Ireland, exceeding our targets.


And, we were proud to grow our team, appointing new engineer, Damian Sewell, and welcoming back territory manager Jonny Depledge, both of whom are covering the Midlands/North Wales region. Our head count now stands at 24 people, nationwide.


Looking ahead into 2021 it is difficult to predict what’s to come. At the time of writing, England is under national lockdown restrictions and so we as a healthcare industry have more hurdles to overcome, together.


In the coming months we will be continuing to grow the work we are doing in ENT, and look to expand the XION brand further within the Theatre and Gynaecology sectors. We also hope to expand our team even more, particularly in Ireland and at our head office in Chessington, too, which we expanded in 2020 to increase our office and warehouse space.


In 2021, we will be looking to set up a ‘showroom’ within this new space, which will give us the opportunity to invite customers along to see some of our demo kit and also hold courses in the future.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of DP Medical’s loyal customers for their ongoing support over the last 12 months, and our team of employees, who have all played a vital part in helping us weather the storm and achieve our best year yet.

We look forward to keeping you all updated with new developments, please make sure you’re following us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the very latest news.

Finding ways to adapt

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It has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone up and down the country as we all try and find ways of coping with the sudden changes we are experiencing in our personal and working lives. It’s been no different for us here at DP Medical so, in our latest blog, our commercial director, Owen Pemberton, gives an update as to how our business is adapting in the current climate and also highlights some of the innovative work taking place in the health sector as it also looks to adjust to the new ‘normal’.


So far during the Covid crisis, DP Medical has remained fully operational and continues to offer support and services to all our customers. However, the current team has had to adapt to remote working and that includes not visiting clients on a daily basis which was the norm. It’s been a big change to get used to!


I am incredibly proud of the determination they have shown as we continue to provide the best possible service despite these difficult times. In order for us to deliver training and software updates, our staff have learnt new skills to provide online learning, conference sessions and webinars and this innovation has been great to see. We’re confident that when the lockdown restrictions have been relaxed, we will be able to apply this newly acquired skillset ensuring even smarter daily practices that bring real benefits to our business.

Our XION endoscopy portfolio, a popular ENT range, is an important part of DP Medical product offering and we have been monitoring the impact and proposed changes for customers within this equipment sector. The solutions we have seen so far are encouraging and we’re really hopeful that with the adoption of these the outpatient department will be a safe environment for patients, staff and their families.


With the increased likelihood that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and surgical masks will form part of the way forward, one very recent ENT innovation that has really inspired me is the creation of the Safe Nasoendoscopy Assisted Procedure (SNAP) device driven by a team including Chris Coulson, a consultant ENT surgeon.


The SNAP device ensures a safe endoscopic examination can take place with reduced risks for the practitioner and any other attendees. It is a one-way endoscopic port that clicks onto a conventional surgical mask creating a lumen through which the clinician can pass the endoscope directly into the patients’ nose. Any coughs or sneezes as a result of the endoscopy are caught within the mask which increases the safety for the clinician and allows them to provide the best care for patients.


The aim is to provide as many of these devices as possible free into the health service but in order to do this the team behind it need funds so they have launched a crowdfunding campaign that is hoping to raise at least £50,000. To find out more and donate please visit:


It’s incredible to see these great minds within the medical and science fields come together to design and manufacture this product in such a short period of time. We’ve donated to support the campaign to make sure it becomes a reality and used in healthcare settings up and down the country so if you’re able to help also, please do so as any donations would be extremely welcome.


Looking ahead, we are anticipating a busy few weeks once we are able to visit our customer workplaces again, and I just wanted to use this opportunity to say how much we are looking forward to greeting new faces and seeing some familiar ones, too.  But until then please stay safe and stay at home!

Making a difference to patient care in Cambodia

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DP Medical is proud to support a number of charitable causes in the health and medical field but one that really sticks out is the work of Sarah Wallace, a Consultant Speech and Language Therapist at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. When we heard that Sarah was planning a voluntary trip to Cambodia to provide dysphagia and FEES training to healthcare staff there and needed support, we were first to make a donation to help her undertake this essential work. In our latest guest blog, Sarah, who has just come back from Cambodia, tells us all about how she got involved in this work, what she got up to on her recent trip and why her work is making such a difference.


For those that are unaware, Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (more easily known as FEES!) is well established as an instrumental tool for both the evaluation and treatment of swallowing difficulty.


It’s an area I have been specialising in for a 21 years now so I was contacted back in 2016 by the non-Governmental organisation (NGO) Speech Therapy Cambodia (STC) who were looking for experts to offer dysphagia and FEES training to Cambodian trainees. STC was founded by an inspirational American SLP Elizabeth Chafcouloff.  I have a national role as FEES advisor and know Professor Susan Langmore, the USA expert who invented FEES, who was also supporting this charity and had herself visited several times.


I have previously worked in Asia and have volunteered in other low middle-income countries and I am very passionate about developing

Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) services, both in the UK and especially in resource poor environments. My post in the UK is Consultant SLT in dysphagia and critical care which includes clinical work, teaching and research and I relished the opportunity to use my skills and knowledge to make a difference in Cambodia.


Currently Cambodia has no SLT profession and without the trainees working for STC there is no provision for care of patients with swallowing difficulties in public hospitals. The trainees are doctors, nurse and physiotherapists who are being trained by STC to provide swallowing assessments on the wards in Calmette hospital, Khmer soviet Friendship hospital and Kossamak hospital. Awareness of dysphagia is poor, diagnostic tests such as CT scans are rare, referral pathways are unreliable and multidisciplinary care and equipment are extremely limited. Most patients cannot afford to have tests carried out or have medications or nasogastric tube feeds. As a charity, STC relies on donations and overseas volunteers to fund long-term expatriate SLTs, interpreters and a Cambodian project manager.


I take annual leave from my NHS job at Wythenshawe Hospital to volunteer for STC and first went out to Cambodia in 2017 to provide hands-on FEES supervision in the public hospitals in Phnom Penh. I went out again in 2019 to run a Tracheostomy course which we devised specifically for the STC trainees and this was the first course of its kind in Cambodia. The teaching was challenging as it was carried out through Khmer language interpreters and most of the trainees had very little experience of tracheostomy care or equipment. Alexia Young (SLT from Barking) and Niamh Winters (SLT from Liverpool) accompanied me on this trip.


This year I went out with Alexia Young to provide FEES training and strategy work based in STC’s small office  in Phnom Penh. Unfortunately, we were limited from going into the hospitals due to the coronavirus fears but the planning work we were able to do with the trainees was still invaluable


Currently the in-country project leads are Annie Johnson, a UK SLT, and Raul Herreras, Spanish-American SLP and Veasna Leng who is from Cambodia. We worked closely with them on various projects such as dysphagia service development, trainee support via Facebook peer groups, FEES   training and developing Cambodian FEES competencies. We are also setting up an international network of volunteer dysphagia/FEES experts that STC can access remotely via social media and skype.


The impact of these visits is huge. Personally, providing advice and training in a resource poor setting is very challenging but immensely rewarding. Using a problem-solving, flexible approach to tackle enormous barriers to care is very beneficial for my skills and applicable to my work within the NHS. The Cambodian trainees are incredibly motivated and appreciative of our visits and skill sharing and the relationships built between us are inevitable strong. The in-country volunteers and trainees gain support, knowledge and skills from visiting experts which they simply can’t access in Cambodia. And, of course the Cambodian patients receive dysphagia care that they would otherwise never have had which makes a difference in terms of quality of life and mortality.


The NGO is in desperate need of funds to continue the work and to employ Cambodian project managers for marketing and fund-raising which would free up the SLTs to do more hands-on training The ultimate goal is to have a degree programme to train Cambodian SLTs, however in the meantime one of our interpreters on the tracheostomy course last year now starting  an SLT degree in Australia as she was so inspired. I intend to keep supporting this NGO both from the UK and by further visits to Cambodia in future.


The donation we received from DP Medical supported the expenses incurred in the visit by Alexia and myself as all our visits are self-funded, and we really are extremely grateful to them for their help. Without this kind of generous corporate support the on-going visits and training would just not be possible so all our thanks go to DP Medical for helping us to make a difference where it’s most needed.





KAPS visit gives insight into product excellence

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One of the newest additions to the DP Medical team has just come back from some important training in Germany. Jonathan Peters, area manager for south Wales and southwest England, visited our trusted partner Karl Kaps GmbH & Co. which specialises in the development and manufacture of modern surgical and diagnostic microscopes. Here, in our latest blog, Jonathan gives us the lowdown on his trip.


Obviously, when starting a new job it’s always a steep learning curve at the beginning so I was really excited when I found out that I would be visiting Germany to learn as much as possible about our KAPS range. The high-end products are used all over the world in ENT, ophthalmology, microsurgery, endodontics and gynaecology and, as a company, we are extremely proud to supply them to our customers. We get excellent feedback on the range so I really wanted to find out more.


Myself and DP Medical’s commercial director, Owen Pemberton, flew into Frankfurt airport and then took a 45 min drive to stay in Wetzlar where KAPS has its head office.


We arrived late in the afternoon and were taken on a fascinating tour around Wetzlar where we learnt about the history of the city and how famous the optic industry is there.


The next day, I underwent product training with Owen and Mark Reinhard, international sales manager at KAPS, where I learnt in more detail about the KAPS ENT and colposcopy product ranges. During the training we took a tour of the factory and found out how valuable everyone’s role is and how they produce the technology.


This was really eye opening for me. I think it’s important for sales teams to understand the care and attention to detail that goes into making products and the factory tour helped me understand how much of a team effort it is to get a product to market and, subsequently, enable medical professionals to carry out their day-to-day work.


Mark was excellent at giving us an understanding at how important every component is in the scopes they produce and how this affects the quality of the product. The manufacturing process was great to see at first hand and it was amazing to get a glimpse into how the engineers work and the attention to detail that goes into every product.


I’d like to thank Mark for taking the time out of his busy schedule to meet with me. By having the chance to take part in a personalised and tailored training in a one to one environment, showed that both DP and KAPS value myself as an employee and the contributions I can make moving forward in my role. This input into my development has definitely helped motivate me to do my very best for both companies.


For more information about our KAPS range, please email:


Getting ready for BDIA Dental Showcase

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In our latest Q&A, DP Medical’s UK dental business manager, Darren Young gives us the lowdown on the upcoming BDIA Dental Showcase – a major event in the dental events calendar which is taking place this week.


Tell us more about the BDIA Dental Showcase?

The BDIA Dental Showcase is one of the main industry events for the dental profession – and one of the largest. It’s held every year and is a chance for the many suppliers, manufacturers, service providers and associations across dentistry to get together under one roof.


Whether you’re looking for a new suite of dental chairs or a full practice refit, a new set of handpieces or to stock up on consumables, marketing advice or to learn how to buy your next practice, the BDIA Dental Showcase has it all!


It’s one of the highlights of our events calendar and all takes place from 17-19 October 2019 at the NEC in Birmingham.


In terms of these kind of industry events, what makes BDIA stand out?

It’s a fantastic, innovative event to be part of and we’re really looking forward to showcasing our full range of Global A series microscopes. It also tends to be recognised as the trade show where people come with the intention of making a purchase which is great for us!


Who do you hope to see there?

We hope to meet with key opinion leaders, practice owners, specialists, decision makers and influencers within the world of dentistry. We love to get out and about meeting customers, old and new so it’s the perfect fit for us.


What do you enjoy most about attending BDIA?

I enjoy touching base with customers who have previously purchased from us and, of course, make new sales wherever we can. It’s good to be able to showcase what we do as we know we deliver on our promises and are really proud of our customer service.


What products will you have on show this year?

We will be displaying our Global A series Microscopes which are widely considered to be the leading microscope on the market. With improved diagnosis, treatment and predictability, they offer far superior magnification and significantly enhance operator posture.

In addition, we’ll have our camera systems and microsurgeons chair for delegates to see.


What makes DP Medical stand out from the crowd?

I’ve already mentioned our outstanding customer service and commitment to our clients which is second to none. But we are also experts in the dental field. We’ve recently been involved in a really exciting project installing dental microscopes for a brand-new cutting-edge dental hospital in London, as well as an accompanying training facility. We know how important it is that we provide the best possible equipment and service to dental professionals so in turn they can deliver the best possible treatment and care to their patients. Earlier this year we won ‘Distributor of the Year’ from our partner Global Surgical, so we know we are good at what we do!


Where can we find DP Medical at BDIA?

You can find us on stand H42 so make sure you come and say hello!


To find out more about the DP Medical Systems dentistry range, please visit:


DP Medical at the cutting edge!

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We spend a lot of our time on the road attending important industry events and meeting customers old and new to showcase the very best of what DP Medical has to offer. And this month has been no exception! Here, in our latest blog, Rob Hampson, our medical division’s Northern England & Scotland Area Manager, gives us an insight into his recent visit to the British Laryngological Association’s (BLA) Cutting Edge Conference 2019 in Edinburgh.


The BLA Cutting Edge Conference is always one of the highlights of our events calendar and it was fantastic that this year it was taking place at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh which is such a historic and iconic venue.


We attend every year as it’s always a very successful meeting and gives us a great opportunity to meet new and current customers. It’s one of the only events where you can find Speech & Language Therapists and ENT Consultants all in one place!


Talking Laryngology


But why is Laryngology so important? The specialism continues to grow as the most exciting branch of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck surgery. Best possible speaking, eating and breathing are so fundamental to the aspirations of people everywhere, that there has never been a greater demand for laryngologists.


The Cutting Edge Conference provides a forum for the international laryngology community to come together and discuss all the latest innovations and developments.


To advance the cause of those with breathing problems, the conference presented the finest breakthrough science, techniques and stunning new paradigms in airway stenosis. For those with speech problems, in-office pathways to rapidly return people to the lives they wish to lead were offered, as well as an in-depth look at the latest developments in spasmodic dysphonia care. For those with swallowing problems, the conference offered technology and working practices that can restore them to society.


Product showcase


It was amazing to be part of a really well set event and we had various XION systems on show to demonstrate how our products can help clinicians and patients alike. This included our Endostrob EL system which can be used for Video Endoscopies and also Stroboscopy examination, along with our Endostrob PL system which comes complete with XION’s HD video scope. Both provide exceptional image quality and the feedback so far has been excellent.


We always enjoy the chance to get out and meet professionals in the medical industry and to demonstrate our world-class products and the BLA Cutting Edge Conference was no different. Thanks BLA, see you next year!




Nasendoscopy Training Course Success

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In our latest guest blog, Suzanne Slade and Fiona Robinson; Speech and Language Therapists and Voice/Swallow Specialists, speak to us about the new flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) training course and how DP Medical equipment supports the delivery of this important work. 


We set up Speech, Voice and Swallow Associates Training in 2017. Having worked as speech and language therapists in a busy ENT/Head and Neck department for many years, we wanted to share our specialist knowledge and provide clinical skills training to other therapists.

We have valuable links collaborations with medical imaging companies. DP Medical have offered us first-rate technical and professional support throughout this time, which has enabled us to deliver excellent endoscopy skills training to people in the profession.


Back in the early 2000s, we developed our own nasendoscopy skills. Since that time, the use of nasendoscopy by speech and language therapists has become well recognised as an invaluable tool in the assessment of voice and swallow function.


Our nasendoscopy skills training is offered in various settings. It can be tailored to meet the requirements of a team and delivered within their department, or therapists can come along to Nottingham for our FEES training programme, which takes place over an intensive five-day period. Either way, therapists enrolled on the course need to be enabled to progress their nasendoscopy capabilities using high quality imaging systems.


Our aim is to provide exceptional training in which therapists feel fully supported in building their confidence and skill in nasendoscopy. DP Medical has supplied equipment to aid the learning process, which involves small group work, simulations with a head mannequin and manipulating a nasendoscope with confidence. Being able to record examinations, store and retrieve data easily are all requirements which DP have supported us with, and it’s been brilliant to establish a collaboration with them.


For more information about the next courses running in Cardiff, London and Birmingham in June, please email:








Another happy customer!

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Here at DP Medical we’re always really pleased to receive positive feedback from our customers. Jo Sunner, from the Pulse practice in Lincolnshire and Avicenna Clinic in Cambridgeshire, recently bought his very own Somron microscope from us. Jo tells us more about his experience.


We’ve found with previous purchases that a seemingly good deal on a piece of equipment is no deal at all if it frequently breaks down or doesn’t serve long term operational needs. While price was important in deciding what to buy, our greater focus remained on quality and value. We have learned through costly experiences!

Prior to buying our Somron microscope from DP Medical, we did look around carefully for suppliers of microscopes. Initially the Internet gave us access to a wide range of specialised equipment companies. We attended a few trade shows where we got some hands-on time with equipment and also contacted industry associations for more information so not to let price alone guide us in our supplier decision. We considered post-sales service, a supplier’s reputation, and the time, money and resources required to train employees on the new equipment. We wanted to avoid the productivity drop that occurs when employees take too much time to adapt to new technology and the processes involved.


This purchase was for brand new equipment and it had new features so we had to assume that employees would face a learning curve. DP Medical were very helpful in this regard providing training, as we needed it and it’s been a great success so far.

Our opinion is that we now achieve better results in less time and the feedback has proved that it’s a better experience for our patients.




New Ear Care courses launched

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In our latest guest blog, Dr. Mohammed Al-khateeb, a Consultant Audiologist who specialises in audio-vestibular sciences, talks to us about the new aural microsuction training course and how DP Medical aural equipment is involved in delivering the training.


I am an audiology clinical lead working for a leading independent audio-vestibular provider, where we specialise in delivering audio-vestibular diagnostics and rehabilitations. I oversee training audiologists, ratifying policies, clinical services set up, audiology quality assurance and writing Standard Operating Procedures.


DP Medical has professionally supported us by arranging their ENT operating microscopes with LCD screens to deliver appropriate aural microsuction training.  They provided exceptional technical and professional support to our training program and offer special packages for trainees who complete our training course and ready to set up their own aural microsuction clinics and they are also excellent at providing long term and on-going support. 


Our ambition has always been to disseminate our knowledge to other clinicians and as such, we have created the UK’s first fully accredited Ear Care and Microsuction Course under our new training branch – Ear Care Academy.


Our course is delivered on real patients and offers closely supervised hands-on experience over an intensive two days training at Charing Cross Hospital.  DP Medical kindly provide ENT microscopes for our course to enable trainees to experience the equipment they might use in their own practices.  We feel their equipment provides an excellent combination of quality, functionality and value for money and it’s been great to build a successful relationship with them.


Please visit our website to find out more.

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