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It has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone up and down the country as we all try and find ways of coping with the sudden changes we are experiencing in our personal and working lives. It’s been no different for us here at DP Medical so, in our latest blog, our commercial director, Owen Pemberton, gives an update as to how our business is adapting in the current climate and also highlights some of the innovative work taking place in the health sector as it also looks to adjust to the new ‘normal’.


So far during the Covid crisis, DP Medical has remained fully operational and continues to offer support and services to all our customers. However, the current team has had to adapt to remote working and that includes not visiting clients on a daily basis which was the norm. It’s been a big change to get used to!


I am incredibly proud of the determination they have shown as we continue to provide the best possible service despite these difficult times. In order for us to deliver training and software updates, our staff have learnt new skills to provide online learning, conference sessions and webinars and this innovation has been great to see. We’re confident that when the lockdown restrictions have been relaxed, we will be able to apply this newly acquired skillset ensuring even smarter daily practices that bring real benefits to our business.

Our XION endoscopy portfolio, a popular ENT range, is an important part of DP Medical product offering and we have been monitoring the impact and proposed changes for customers within this equipment sector. The solutions we have seen so far are encouraging and we’re really hopeful that with the adoption of these the outpatient department will be a safe environment for patients, staff and their families.


With the increased likelihood that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and surgical masks will form part of the way forward, one very recent ENT innovation that has really inspired me is the creation of the Safe Nasoendoscopy Assisted Procedure (SNAP) device driven by a team including Chris Coulson, a consultant ENT surgeon.


The SNAP device ensures a safe endoscopic examination can take place with reduced risks for the practitioner and any other attendees. It is a one-way endoscopic port that clicks onto a conventional surgical mask creating a lumen through which the clinician can pass the endoscope directly into the patients’ nose. Any coughs or sneezes as a result of the endoscopy are caught within the mask which increases the safety for the clinician and allows them to provide the best care for patients.


The aim is to provide as many of these devices as possible free into the health service but in order to do this the team behind it need funds so they have launched a crowdfunding campaign that is hoping to raise at least £50,000. To find out more and donate please visit:


It’s incredible to see these great minds within the medical and science fields come together to design and manufacture this product in such a short period of time. We’ve donated to support the campaign to make sure it becomes a reality and used in healthcare settings up and down the country so if you’re able to help also, please do so as any donations would be extremely welcome.


Looking ahead, we are anticipating a busy few weeks once we are able to visit our customer workplaces again, and I just wanted to use this opportunity to say how much we are looking forward to greeting new faces and seeing some familiar ones, too.  But until then please stay safe and stay at home!

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