Global Microscope Upgrades

Global dental microscopes are designed specifically for dentistry, and used by more dentists around the world than any other brand of microscopes.

Keeping with the concept of making the Global range of microscopes easy and cost effective to upgrade is key to the requirements of our customers. This is why all upgrades can be made independently of one another keeping the cost down for you and the effectiveness up for your business. We can offer video and image capture through to enhanced lighting and even posture enhancement.

Below you will find a list of upgrades for the Global range of microscopes:

Global LED light source (highly recommended)
50,000 hour life and the removal of both background fan noise and reduced heat exposure to operating area. This upgrade will also negate the need for any expensive halide bulb replacements. By far the most cost effective approach.
Image and video capture solutions
With the addition of a beam splitter and video tube system you are ready to attach a selection of DSLRs (with associated adaptor). This will enable you document procedures and gather data as you wish. If you just require HD video then Global has developed their own video system that is simply “plug and play” keeping documentation and class presentation as simple and cost effective as possible.
Inclinable Binocular/Binocular extender
Inclinable binocular features widest articulation range of any binocular for operator comfort. Allowing you to set your perfect working posture and increasing operator comfort dramatically. You can also add a binocular extender to match the microscope to your needs further. This moves the eyepieces even closer to the operator.
Dental Filter
If you are using composites then this upgrade will prevent “cooking off”. Giving you more time to work whilst you working area being perfectly illuminated.
Binocular rotation ring
Furthermore improving posture as this enables the binoculars to twist +/- 25 degrees. Meaning you can have the microscope tilted for more challenging procedures whilst you posture remains perfect.
Extension arms
One thing that has come apparent to us is that like every dentist, every operating environment is different. That is why we support all our scopes with many variations of extension arms so the Global dental microscope can be perfect installed in any practice.
Dual Iris Diaphragm
Allows greater depth of field. This is particularly valuable for photography
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