Microscope Protection Shields



Microscope Protection Shields  


The Covid-19 pandemic has increased protection requirements for all clinicians. Dental microscope users require protection from spray particles and viral infections. To achieve high levels of protection other forms of protection additional to face masks and rubber dam are predicated.


DP Medical in conjunction with clinicians has developed two forms of microscope protective shields for all Global dental microscopes, both should be used to provide increased protection,

  1. A horizontal spray guard which attaches to the microscope objective lens.
  2. A 2-part binocular mounted protective visor (face worn visors are problematic for Microscope users). A visor for assistant scopes is also available.


All products are manufactured in Perspex to enable the dentist to retain visual contact with the patient and surroundings. Protectors are supplied with fitting and disinfection instructions. Although reusable, regular replacements are recommended after approx. 25 cycles. We also recommend the purchase of 2 sets to avoid delays between patients.


To place your order for the protection shields, please email us at sales@dpmedicalsys.com. It is important to include a photograph of your binocular head (side view) so that the correct visor can be supplied for your model of microscope. Horizontal visors are universal for all Global models.




Fitting and Cleaning instructions:






Protection Shield introduction and fitting tutorial for dlder Global Microscopes

Universal Spray shield fitting tutorial

Horizontal and vertical visor fitting tutorial

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