MediScan was designed with Forensic & Gynaecological procedures in mind. Through the provision of working with key opinion leaders in the field and striving to improve in every area, MediScan has evolved into the essential work station for every forensic practitioner.

Reliability & uncompromised performance, as well as around the clock support has reinforced MediScan’s reputation. MediScan provides a safe & secure pathway for recording, storing & encrypting patient examinations for forensic analysis & archives – now available in HD format as well as SD.

The system consists of software, image capture hardware based on medical PCs and a configurable dataset. The imaging module is compatible with all available medical cameras, and may be installed in both clinics and theatre. Pictures and video are captured in real-time, and stored against the patient record for retrieval anywhere in the hospital.

A fully customisable clinical dataset is included, as well as automated document generation, reporting module, appointments management, failsafe audits and interfacing to external systems (such as PAS or LAB systems).

The system uses a simple to operate user interface, including touch screen technology and a question and answer based approach to data entry. Installations are tailored to suit the needs of the clinic, from a single standalone software license through to a fully networked, integrated theatre and outpatient solution.

Using MediScan as an imaging only solution gives the user the ability to:

  • Store images against patient visits
  • Store video against patient visits
  • Compare multiple images from a previous appointment or a different patient side by side
  • Label and annotate images
  • Zoom and Pan in on images
  • Burn images/video directly to CD or USB device within MediScan
  • Export images/video to another folder on the PC
  • Import images/video into a patient record from a different folder on the PC

All images taken within MediScan are automatically stored on the local hard disk drive.

MediScan Compact

MediScan Compact – Coming Soon

MediScan HD

MediScan HD – the latest advanced solution for recording & encrypting forensic examinations.
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