Quality German manufactured colposcopes from Karl Kaps GmbH. Founded in 1946, they are renowned for supplying world class optical equipment throughout the world. These models have been selected for their suitability of use within Clinical Gynaecology as well as Paediatric & Forensic Gynaecology


KAPS VICO Video Colposcope

The KAPS Vico Video Colposcope is an advanced high resolution video camera with integrated high intensity LED illumination. The Vico provides a compact stand-alone solution for true video & still images in the forensic gynaecological field.
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KAPS SOM Colposcope

KAPS provide a quality and affordable traditional colposcope, with either a dual bulb cold light (halogen) illumination or a LED option. When combined with accessories like beam-splitters & camera attachments, it makes it the ideal option for any gynaecology practice.
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