PMT Corporation, established in 1979, is dedicated to the research and development of specialty products, devices and instruments used in the medical field.

CervMax™ features less shell coverage in the chin area which reduces skin irritation and maintains the maximum mandibular support to control tilt (coronal flexion and extension). The slotted front portion aids in even weight distribution across the sternal notch area, increasing patient comfort with less pressure. Lightweight materials are MRI safe, silicone and latex free.


  • Increased comfort promotes patient compliance
  • Provides post-operative and trauma support
  • Limits range of motion while providing cervical support
  • The CoolMax™ liner provides extreme comfort with moisture wicking ability allowing the skin to breathe
  • Velcro straps for easy application
  • Slotted shell allows airflow and aids in breathability
Model 1565 – Firm and rigid using a thick plastic shell with modified shoulder piece for patient comfort Softer and comfortable using thinner plastic shell.

Model 1575 – Softer and comfortable using thinner plastic shell with anterior and posterior reinforcement.

Model 1585 – Ultra rigid reinforced plastic with added center supports for more rigidity while maintaining patient comfort.

Model 1605 – The CervMax™ TX cervical collar with thoracic extension is the most rigid collar designed for maximum stability for patients requiring uncompromising support.

Pediatric Model – Specifically engineered for a child’s anatomy, not simply a reduced adult model. Patented color-specific size coding allows quick size identification.

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