Halo Features & Sizing Info

Open back traction halo system comes complete with graphite composite open back ring, traction bail, head pins, positioning pads, Extended Range (ER) superstructure, vest, liner, and wrenches.

  • 1.5/3T MRI Conditional plus CT compatibility
  • Enhanced design results in a better fitting, lighter vest
  • Repositioned posterior blocks alleviates direct pressure on the scapula
  • Carbon Graphite and Titanium components provide clear MRI/CT Scans
  • Extended Range NeoCerv® superstructure is adjustable in 3 directions
  • A/P Positioning
  • Flexion/Extension
  • Traction/Distraction
  • Dual-chambered airbag relieves pressure on the spine
  • Air pump conveniently located
  • Nylon ball joints for easy assembly

  • Traction Tongs carbon graphite (titanium lock-nuts/S-hook) Model #1210
  • Surgical Bed Adaptors (anterior/posterior) Model #1201-65
Sizing Information
To ensure proper fit for halo ring and vest the following four (4) measurements need to be made:
a) Head Circumference
b) Xiphoid Circumference
c) Waist Circumference
d) Shoulder to Illiac Crest

Halo Ring:
Measurement for the halo ring should be made by measuring the circumference of the patient’s head 1 cm above the eyebrow and ear. If measurement falls in between sizes order the larger size.

Measurements for the vest size should be made by measuring the circumference of the chest at the xyphoid process. If the patient is border line between two sizes, measure the circumference of the waist and the vertical distance from the top of the shoulder to the iliac crest.

PMT Halo System Components Sizing Chart
Halo Vest Sizes
Vest Size
Circumference (Chest)
To Xyphoid
to Illiac Crest
Neck Opening
26-33″ (66-84cm)
28-34″ (71-86cm)
11½” (29cm)
16½” (42cm)
6½” (17cm)
33-40″ (84-102cm)
32-38″ (81-97cm)
13″ (33cm)
18″ (46cm)
6½” (17cm)
40-46″ (102-117cm)
36-42″ (91-107cm)
14″ (36cm)
19½” (50cm)
6½” (17cm)
X Large
46-50″ (117-127cm)
40-46″ (102-117cm)
17″ (43cm)
22½” (57cm)
8″ (20cm)
XX Large
48-54″ (122-137cm)
46-52″ (117-132cm)
19″ (48cm)
25″ (64cm)
8¼” (21cm)
Ped 00
19-21″ (48-53cm)
4¼” (11cm)
6¾” (17cm)
3¼” (8cm)
Ped 0
20-21½” (51-55cm)
5⅛” (13cm)
7½” (19cm)
3½” (9cm)
Ped 1
22-28½” (56-72cm)
7¾” (17cm)
9½” (24cm)
4″ (10cm)
Ped 2
22-28½” (56-72cm)
7¼” (18cm)
10¾” (27cm)
4¼” (11cm)
Ped 3
22-28½” (56-72cm)
8½” (22cm)
12¼” (31cm)
4½” (11cm)
Ped 4
26½-32½” (67-83cm)
8″ (20cm)
11½” (29cm)
4¾” (12cm)

Halo Ring Sizes
XX Small
X Small
H1211-1 (open)
14-17″ (36-43cm)
16-19″ (41-49cm)
16-21″ (41-53cm)
21-24″ (53-61cm)
24-26″ (61-66cm)
H1201-1 (Closed)
16-19″ (41-48cm)
19-22″ (48-56cm)
22-24″ (56-61cm)
Halo Ring Sizes (Continued)
X Large
XX Large
H1211-1 (open)
H1201-1 (Closed)
24-26″ (61-66cm)
26″ and UP (66cm and UP)
Halo Clinical Evidence Papers

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