Patient Furniture

DP Medical Systems Ltd are proud to offer the following suppliers equipment within our Patient Furniture portfolio. All have been chosen for their quality equipment and service that they provide to our end users. The portfolio consists of a range of multifunctional patient couches, as well as some niche products within Obstetrics & Patient Transfer.

Deneo – Blood Sampling Chair

Deneo by Promotal is the most advanced and innovative Phlebotomy chair. Deneo allows 360 degree rotation as well as immediate movement into the emergency position should the patient feel unwell. With many other safety features and hygiene factors considered, the Deneo is the most advanced Phlebotomy / blood sampling chair available.

Midmark 630

There are more patients, few providers and healthcare trends are moving patients away from hospitals and into ambulatory care settings. Having the most efficient workflow and the right equipment is more important now than it has ever been. That's where we come in. The Midmark 630 HUMANFORM Procedures Table provides efficient, precise positioning designed around the people who use them.

Tweegy – Patient Transfer

Tweegy is the simplest transfer chair ever designed. Small, slot-in and very simple to use, Tweegy is the solution that facilitates your transfers and eases the organistation for all.

Ocea Shower Trolley

Promotal are proud to offer the Ocea within our Patient transfer range of products. This unique and niche product offers centres and institutions an alternative to their patients, in turn promoting increased hygiene & cleanliness.

Instrument Storage

PROMOTAL offers a full range of casework that allows you to customize and coordinate your examination rooms. The colours can be chosen to complement your existing examination tables or specialized chairs.
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