Promotal Patient Chairs

For nearly fifty years, Midmark Europe has been building its reputation through the quality of its products. Its R&D team anticipates your future needs and is constantly innovating as it researches and designs new models. Midmark Europe calls upon a wide range of professions to manufacture products of the highest quality.
Promotal 2863 – Hydraulic Height Adjustable ENT Chair
Easy to Use
One single hydraulic pump controls all the chairs movements: height adjustments, brakes and rotation. The height and inclination of the headrest can be adjusted.
Accessible & Comfortable
Easy access to the chair is ensured with adjustable armrests and a retreating footrest. The upholstery moves together allowing for maximum patient comfort throughout the examination.
The diameter (4cm) of the hydraulic cylinder, largely dimensioned, ensures a long life span of the chair.

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