Meet the Team: Cameron Hughes-Cheshire

In the next of our Meet the Team series, we chat to Cameron Hughes-Cheshire, our new Mediscan Support Technician to find out more about him and his role at DP Medical.

Please tell us a bit about your career history?

I have worked in IT for around five years, starting out at JPIMedia in 2018 and working there for three years on their Service Desk. I had then moved to Managed 24/7 and worked there for a year and then to Kinetic Solutions.

How long have you worked for DP Medical?

I joined DP Medical in April of this year so I’m still relatively new! What does a typical day in your role at DP Medical involve? I am looking at MediScan machines, either carrying out investigations and repairs or setting up new machines for clients. I may also receive calls from clients and provide support for them, either talking them through issues or helping by remotely accessing a server. Each day is a little different, recently for example we’ve been setting up a File Server to store system images and files in one place.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Working with systems that are new to me, such as learning more about SQL and setting up Linux machines.

What makes DP Medical stand out from the crowd?

We provide support for many hospitals around the UK and have a strong rapport with all of them. Being able to travel out to a hospital to fix an issue the same day it occurs is greatly appreciated by the clients as well.

When you’re not at work, what do you get up to in your spare time?

I’m very nerdy in my hobbies, I play games with my partner and my friends. I also plan and run a Dungeons and Dragons game for my friends as well. I go to the gym on my lunch breaks and play badminton on weekends with my partner and her dad.

And finally, tell us something not everyone knows about you…

I only got my glasses when I was 16, before that I just squinted incredibly hard to make up for it, not knowing my eyesight was so bad!