Forensic Examinations

DP Medical Systems Ltd are recognised for their equipment & expertise within the Forensic community.

We have a wealth of experience in meeting the requirements of Consultants and other senior hospital personnel in the areas of Gynaecology, Forensics, SARC’s and child protection.

MediScan - DP Medical’s capture & archive system, provides the user with a secure centre for capturing & storing video & still images of patient examinations. Designed specifically with Forensic examinations & gynaecological procedures in mind, the system is available in HD.

The KAPS Vico HD is an advanced high resolution video camera with high intensity LED illumination. The Vico HD offers a compact solution for HD video & image capture for forensic examinations & documentation.

The KernelMed hand Held Video colposcope when combined with our laptop installed MediScan Compact HD digital image management system offers a fully portable system.


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