DP Medical heads to Laser Laryngeal Airway Course

DP Medical is proud to be heading to London for the 3rd London Laser Laryngeal Airway Course, taking place at Guy’s Hospital.

The two-day event is hosted by Yakubu Karagama, Consultant Laryngologist at Guy’s Hospital London, alongside a team of globally renowned surgeons, and will feature a hands-on dissection with Fresh Frozen Cadavers.

The course will provide training in endoscopic laser and external approaches in laryngeal airway surgical techniques and will showcase the groundbreaking non-occulsive airway balloon distributed exclusively in the UK by DP Medical – The Trachealator.

Owen Pemberton, commercial director at DP Medical, said: “We’re excited to be joining Mr Karagama and his renowned industry peers for this two-day training course in London.

“It’s a great chance for us to showcase the applications and capabilities of our devices, such as The Trachealator, to ENT surgeons from across the country.”

Yakubu Karagama, Consultant Laryngologist at Guy’s Hospital London, said: “I am delighted to organise this practical laser and laryngeal airway hands-on fresh cadaver training in all aspect of laryngeal airway disorders with international experts on airway surgery sharing their knowledge and experience.”

The Trachealator can be used on both adults and children for treating airway stenosis and allows continuous ventilation in patients, thanks to its innovative design and construction.

Mr Karagama is joined in hosting the course by a number of globally renowned surgeons, namely: Kishore Sandu; Mark Watson; Chris Pepper; Chadwan Al Yaghchi; Natalie Watson; Nick Gibbins; Andrew Wilson; and Michael Draper.

For further information, visit https://www.phonosurgerycourse.com/laryngeal-course.html