DP Medical looks to the future

The last two years have been like no other for businesses up and down the country but as 2022 gets well underway, Rob Atkinson, managing director of DP Medical, is looking ahead with renewed optimism thanks to the company’s six consecutive years of growth and strong performance in 2021.

Despite the challenges we have faced during the last couple of years I am proud that DP Medical has continued to grow and break our record for turnover.

At the end of 2020, we had hoped the worst was behind us after a tumultuous year but 2021 also brought with it a number of challenges for us all to overcome. Hopefully now, as the UK settles into a ‘new normal’ we’re in a position as a business to look ahead with even more confidence, but it is true to say that the way we operate has changed forever. It’s had to.

Reflecting back on the last two years, it is clear that ‘adapting quickly’ to the ever-changing environment we were working in has been absolutely essential to how we have performed and, ultimately, the growth we have continued to achieve during this period. Together with having a fantastic team, who have also been as flexible and responsive in their approach, has really made the world of difference.

For DP Medical, 2021 turned out to be our best performing year to date which is incredible and something I am exceptionally proud of for the company as whole but also for every member of our staff who have each played their part.

We achieved a record turnover of over £7m, the best in our history, producing extensive growth across the board but particularly in our hospital and servicing divisions.

We’ve expanded our Chessington headquarters by providing more office space for our staff and doubling our warehouse facility and we have exciting plans to establish a dedicated team in Scotland in the coming year.

The year also saw us achieve fantastic development in Ireland, exceeding our targets and adding another member to our team, John Harnett, based in Dublin. 

In addition, we have been delighted to grow our team now to a total of 26 staff nationwide. This includes Jamie Hall, a new service engineer in the south and Javier Pasos, our new quality control manager, which is a key appointment for us as this role reinforces our commitment to providing a top-class standard of service to our customers.

Steve Connors was also promoted to national sales manager last year to help drive our sales team performance.

Looking ahead into 2022, we can’t deny there is still some uncertainty in the market when it comes to the ease of our supply chain, the impact of Brexit and rising costs but staying true to our values and reacting quickly as things change will remain vital.

We will continue to set ourselves ambitious targets whilst still delivering the high standards we are renowned for. The potential for further growth in the market place remains as we look to take DP Medical to the next level without losing sight of what is at the heart of our company – a passionate team striving to deliver the very best for our customers.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of DP Medical’s loyal customers for their ongoing support and to the staff for all their hard work. We look forward to keeping you all updated with new developments, please make sure you’re following us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the very latest news.