DP Medical donates gaming bundle to young Scottish fundraiser

A 12-year old boy with autism who fundraised for the NHS during the covid pandemic is now getting a much-deserved treat himself as thanks for all his efforts.

Stuart Bowling, from Grantown, was inspired by Captain Tom Moore back in 2020 and began raising money for the NHS by doing his own 100-mile walk, collecting £649 in the process.

And now Stuart, who has autism and a learning disability, is getting a reward back after a generous donation from DP Medical, a leading UK medical supplies company, who answered a call from Stuart’s mum, Amy for a games console.

Amy, who suffers from various health conditions herself, said: “Due to my health problems I can be house bound at times which means I have to try various ways of keeping Stuart’s behaviour under control. Video gaming is one of his real interests and helps him to keep calm and happy so with that in mind and, after all he did himself to fundraise for the NHS during the pandemic, I have been trying to raise funds to help secure a gaming PC for him as think it will really help,

“Through someone we know who works at DP Medical, the company became aware of my appeal and got in touch to say they would donate a gaming bundle which is just unbelievably generous and has really made our year! We are so pleased and thankful for this donation as we know it will make such a difference to Stuart and me.”

The high spec gaming PC with monitor, keyboard and mouse provided by DP Medical is worth over £1,600.

Rob Atkinson, managing director of DP Medical, which is based in Surrey, said: “We work closely with the NHS and saw at first-hand what they went through in the height of the pandemic, so when we heard Stuart’s story and particularly because of the efforts he went to fundraising for the NHS, we knew we just had to help him.

“Amy has been through a lot herself over the last few years with her own health problems and we are aware how much Stuart loves gaming which keeps him occupied so were so pleased to be able to provide them with this gaming bundle which is really well deserved.”