This month is Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Month

Here at DP Medical, we’re proud to partner with XION Medical to supply the equipment needed to help healthcare professionals diagnose, treat and monitor such cancers, across the UK & Ireland.

The recent Brian Henderson story– father of footballer Jordan Henderson - brings this message to life.

As the UK and Ireland’s exclusive XION Medical distributer, we supplied a XION Flexible Videoscope Kit to Sunderland Royal Hospital, where Brian was treated for oral cancer, after he and his family fundraised more than £85,000 to purchase the equipment.

As he says in the news story on the link below: “We are absolutely delighted that it [the XION Kit] is now making a difference.

“I’ve had these types of tests myself and I know that this will make it a much better experience for other patients.”

Laura-Jayne Watson, speech and language team lead at Sunderland Royal, added: "This piece of kit helps us carry out a quick assessment which can then lead to faster treatment for our patients. It also connects up to our IT system, so other people can see and review the footage as well. It’s a fantastic piece of technology to add to what we already had.

“We are extremely grateful to Brian and Donna for their generous donation. It will make a huge difference to the service we provide and to the patients we see."

Read the full story, here:

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(Image: South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS)