New XION EndoCompact Veezar set to arrive this spring

A new, award-winning product from our partners at XION Medical is set to arrive in the UK and Ireland this spring, distributed exclusively by DP Medical Systems.

XION’s new compact endoscopy system for ENT – the EndoCOMPACT Veezar – consists of an interactive console with integrated fixtures for holding the most important instruments used in ENT medicine.

In combination with a Panel PC and the DiVAS software platform, the user is provided with a complete workstation for all endoscopic applications. The product can also be used as a mobile system on a roller stand, on an articulated arm, or mounted directly on the ENT treatment unit.

Its design, which was awarded Gold at the German Design Awards recently, means users can work fatigue-free, with an automated control system that enables ENT professionals to focus fully on their work and their patient.

The product also generates high quality images and examination videos and can automatically generate a summary in the form of a medical report.

Additionally, the EndoCOMPACT Veezar boasts improved hygiene capabilities, enabling users to temporarily put their scope down during an examination as well as afterwards, removing the silicone holders from the console for sterilisation.

Owen Pemberton, managing director at DP Medical Systems, said: “We’re so excited to be welcoming the EndoCOMPACT Veezar to our XION product range this spring.

“ENT practitioners will be able to upgrade systems that are equipped only with a flexible endoscope, to a system that has all the application parts required for all endoscopic examinations and diagnostics in the field of ENT.

“It’s a very intuitive design that boasts pioneering features that will undoubtedly enhance the way ENT professionals work and, in turn, benefit patients.

“We can’t wait to showcase the EndoCOMPACT Veezar to our customers soon.”

DP Medical Systems has been XION’s exclusive UK and Ireland distributor since 2016.

To view XION’s full range of products and devices, or to arrange a demonstration, click here.