Meet the Team: John O’Sullivan

John joined DP Medical in January 2024 as Territory Manager for ENT & Dental. Born and raised in Dublin, he is married with two young children. We asked John about his background and how he has found his early days at DP Medical.

Tell us a little about your career history:

I’ve worked in healthcare and medical devices for 14 years with Smith & Nephew, Olympus, Childrens Health Ireland, Abbott and most recently the NSAI, supporting manufacturers in the EU MDR regulation. I’m a Mechatronic Engineer with a degree from DCU, so I like to understand how things work. I’m excited to see what DP Medical’s portfolio can do for patients and health institutions.

What does a typical day in your role at DP Medical involve?

It’s all very new but dynamic so far, whether I’m learning about the products, the people or our patients’ needs. No two days are the same. What’s your favourite part of the job? So far, it is hearing about how great the equipment is from customers. It’s a real endorsement of the difference it makes when the positive comments are offered without asking for them.

What makes DP Medical stand out from the crowd?

What is very clear, from the first few weeks, is a culture of support across the team, focusing on customer satisfaction and acknowledging everyone’s efforts.

When you’re not at work, what do you get up to in your spare time?

It’s all about family. Our daughter turns five next month and our son is six. So, building Lego, playing with trains, or having a Frozen tea party usually fills the evenings and weekends. Occasionally we manage to go out for dinner, just the two of us!

And finally, tell us something not everyone knows about you…

I once spent two months walking around with a broken bone in my foot. I hadn’t had an accident, and a later X-ray and bloods didn’t confirm a root cause, so I started to fear gout – or worse. There was huge relief when an MRI showed a lot of angry tendons, confirming the smallest of stress fractures. My wife was relieved when I stopped complaining about the mystery pain!