Hampshire Medical Fund leading the way in enhancing NHS equipment and services

Hampshire Medical Fund (HMF) is paving the way for other local charities and hospital appeals to support the NHS by enhancing its equipment and services.

Alex Dunnage, DP Medical Systems’ Territory Manager for South London, attended an evening hosted by the HMF recently, to support the speech and language therapy (SLT) team from Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital as they showcased their new XION EndoFlex System.

The equipment, supplied by DP Medical, will be used by the hospital’s SLT team to carry out FEES examinations - detailed assessments of an individual’s ‘swallow’ using an endoscope.

Alex said: “The main purpose of the evening was for HMF to thank its supporters for contributions throughout the year and to show them how their generosity has dramatically improved services and equipment throughout the hospital. It was amazing to speak to so many people and to see the passion and gratitude from all the NHS staff.’

Owen Pemberton, Managing Director at DP Medical, said: “This equipment will positively impact patients’ lives and clinical outcomes. It is so important that communities come together to support these charities and appeals – and for hospital teams to consider this kind of support that is available when equipment upgrades are required.”

Katie Redmond from the HMF said that by raising funds for medical equipment, charities ensure hospitals have access to vital resources that might not be covered by government budgets.

She said: “The support of charities and appeals is essential for maintaining and improving healthcare services, particularly in areas where funding may be limited. Ultimately, the support of healthcare charities like ours ensures the long-term sustainability of healthcare services.

"By providing sustained financial support, charities contribute to the ongoing viability and excellence of healthcare facilities. This helps ensure that hospitals remain well-equipped to meet the evolving healthcare needs of their communities.

“Our mission is to empower the hospitals we support to maintain clinical excellence and stay at the forefront of healthcare innovation by providing cutting-edge medical equipment. By alleviating financial pressures on the NHS, we ensure high-quality care for every patient. From neonatal incubators to advanced surgical tools, every donation directly enhances patient outcomes. Our investments not only improve patient care but also attract and retain top healthcare professionals, creating an environment where consultants, doctors, nurses, and therapists can thrive, ensuring the Hampshire community receives the exceptional care it deserves.”

For further information about the HMF: www.hampshiremedicalfund.org

DP Medical’s cutting edge range of XION equipment is available via NHS Supply Chain, which allows NHS Trusts to buy it at a discounted rate and ensure immediate delivery. For more details about DP Medical’s products: www.dpmedicalsys.com/products/endoscopy